Chemical Peels in Elgin

Gentle Exfoliation for Maximum Impact

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A chemical peel resurfaces the skin and rebuilds collagen.

As one of the most versatile professional skin treatments, our chemical peels in Elgin are the perfect solution for a variety of concerns. Patients of all skin types, ages, and conditions can benefit from this technique to resurface skin without harsh tools or other forms of physical exfoliation.

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What it Treats

Chemical Peel Highlights

Forehead lines and wrinkles

Dull skin

Textured skin

Uneven skin tone


Sun damage


Acne scars

Treatment Details

Treatment Length

30-45 minutes


Up to 1 week



How It Works

The Treatment Process


Before recommending a chemical peel, we’ll meet with you to discuss your skin concerns and desired results. We’ll analyze your skin with our VISIA analysis tool and determine specific areas of improvement. We offer varying degrees of  to deeply restorative Sciton Heroic Your doctor will recommend the strength of the peel based on your skin’s condition and needs.


After determining the best chemical peel for your skin, we’ll book your treatment and provide you with any pre or post-care instructions. The treatment process for chemical peels in Elgin is simple; you’ll relax as your specialist preps your skin and applies the peel product for a specified amount of time before removing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The basic process behind any chemical peel is the product. A high-quality chemical peel product gently removes the outer layer of dead skin cells, encouraging new, healthy skin cells to the skin surface. The process prompts skin cell turnover, collagen and elastin production, and more youthful, healthier skin.

How often you can get a chemical peel mostly depends on your skin’s sensitivity. We also don’t want to compromise your skin barrier, so your doctor will give you a specific time frame for you as an individual.

Dundee Dermatology offers multiple types of chemical peels in Elgin from light to medium depth.

Our light peel targets the outermost layer of skin. This face peel uses alpha hydroxy acids and is good for those with acne, uneven skin tone, or fine lines.

The medium chemical peel is a deeper treatment that targets both the outermost layer (epidermis) and the dermis layers of the skin. This is a popular chemical peel for acne scars, deeper-set fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.

The recovery period after a chemical peel depends on the strength of the peel you receive. For light peels, you can expect some skin flaking or dryness. This will resolve itself within 2 to 3 days after treatment. Medium peels may cause flaking, dryness, and swelling; swelling typically subsides within 1 week.

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Dundee Dermatology serves the Chicago Northwest suburb region with decades of experience in medical and cosmetic dermatology. We understand the impact of clear, healthy skin. Our doctors and staff all focus on a singular goal: results that deliver.

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