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Styku 3D Body Assessment

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Making decisions about your athletic training, weight loss efforts, and aesthetic procedures works best when you’re well-informed. Measuring your weight loss efforts or body treatment results with two-dimensional photos isn’t nearly as concrete as detailed measurements and three-dimensional visuals. Validating your progress is so important; that’s why we offer body composition analysis in Elgin with the Styku™ 3D body scan.

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What it measures

Styku Body Analysis

Fat mass

Lean muscle mass

Bone mass

Regional body fat

Visceral fat

And more!

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Body Composition Analysis in Elgin at Dundee Dermatology

Initial Scan

Your first scan is simple: you’ll stand on the hands-free Styku platform for 35 seconds as the machine takes hundreds of measurements. Then, the body composition analysis will create an in-depth report of your current measurements of the torso, neck & arms, and legs. You’ll also receive a composition summary detailing total weight, body fat percentage, and lean mass percentage. Your Dundee Dermatology specialist will talk you through the results and answer any questions.

Progress Tracking

The exciting part of the Styku analysis is tracking your progress. The amount of times you receive a body scan depends on your specific goals and timeline for meeting those goals. Each time, you’ll receive a progress report that allows you to view your scan history, net loss or gain, circumference summaries, 3D scans, and more.

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Clinical Research

Always at the forefront, Paul Getz, MD leads our clinical research contributions to the medical dermatology community.

Dundee Dermatology regularly participates in leading-edge clinical research on medications, medical devices, and other innovations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Styku system has 3 information sections outside of the home: Fitness, Health, and Aesthetics. The Health section has tools to help assess general health:

The first is the Waist Analysis tool, which looks at the circumference of the waist and the likelihood of obesity-related diseases. This provides risk analysis data estimates for diseases like cancer, respiratory disease, and cardiovascular disease.

The Risk Reduction Calculator helps you track progress after establishing an inch-loss goal, reducing your risk for dangerous diseases and motivating continual progress.

No, you do not need to restrict any food or liquid intake before your body composition analysis with Styku. Unlike some other devices, there is no need to do so in order to get accurate results, as the technology does not use electrical currents, x-ray imaging, or water displacement.

Styku uses infrared light, similar to the technology of a television remote control. It is totally non-invasive and works by measuring light surrounding objects, in this case, your body.

The scanner measures what it sees, and this includes clothing. For the best results, wear form-fitting clothing and avoid loose, bagging clothes. We recommend sports bras, form-fitting tank tops, leggings, and biker shorts.

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