laser vein treatment in Elgin

Targeted Solutions for Clearer Skin

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Laser treatments can eliminate many cosmetic vascular conditions.

Though typically not a health concern, noticeable spider veins on your face or legs may leave you feeling self conscious. If you’re tired of feeling the need to cover this condition with clothing or makeup, a laser vein treatment in Elgin is a long-term solution for clear skin.

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What it Treats

Laser Vein Treatment Highlights

Facial veins

Leg veins

Spider veins/thread veins



Port wine stains

Other cosmetic vascular conditions

Treatment Details

Treatment Length

30 minutes to 1 hour




2-4 treatments

Laser Vein Treatment in Elgin at Dundee Dermatology

The Science Behind Laser Vein Treatments

At Dundee Dermatology, we employ the Lutronic DermaV™ laser for spider veins, hyperpigmentation, and other applications. This latest advancement in laser technology uses two powerful wavelengths—532nm and 1064nm—in one device for ultra-precise results. The handpiece pulses laser energy to target veins, collapse them, and leading them to disappear.

This specific device is the most advanced system for both vascular and benign pigmented conditions.

How It Works

The Treatment Process


Before your laser vein treatment, we’ll always start with an in-depth skin consultation. We’ll examine your skin, talk through your goals with this treatment, and assess your candidacy. After confirming this treatment is best for your needs, we’ll create a custom treatment plan that may include more than 1 treatment.


Your specialist will ensure your comfort throughout the treatment process; most patients describe the feeling as a slight snap. The Lutronic DermaV laser device has a dynamic cooling device that cools your skin milliseconds before the laser pulse, keeping discomfort to a minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no downtime necessary for recovery and you’ll be able to drive yourself home. We advise you on the optimal level of activity before and after your laser vein treatment. There may be minor bruising and/or redness on the treatment area immediately after.

Results after laser vein treatment in Elgin are progressive; you’ll see them within 7 to 10 days after your treatment. Follow aftercare instructions closely for the best results possible.

The best way to determine you’re a candidate is through an in-person consultation where we can examine your skin and discuss your goals. If you’re not ready for an in-person consultation, try our online procedure match tool.

The primary difference between spider veins and varicose veins is whether they protrude outward from the skin. Varicose veins are larger and bulge above the surface level of the skin. Spider veins, also known as thread veins, are much thinner and stay flush with the outer surface of the skin.

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Dundee Dermatology serves the Chicago Northwest suburb region with decades of experience in medical and cosmetic dermatology. We understand the impact of clear, healthy skin. Our doctors and staff all focus on a singular goal: results that deliver.

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