Acne Scar Treatments in Elgin

Resurface & Restore

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Acne scars are notoriously tough to treat at home.

The psychological impact of acne can stick around with the presence of acne scars, but this common concern is treatable! While there are products to help improve your skin over time, nothing beats professional acne scar treatments. In Elgin at Dundee Dermatology, our doctors offer several types of treatments, including laser scar removal, light therapy, and more.

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What it Treats

Acne Scarring Treatment Highlights

Icepick scars

Depressed scars

Box car scars

Rolling scars

Atrophic scars

Other types of acne scars

Treatment Types


RF Microneedling

Chemical Peels

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

How It Works

The Treatment Process


Before any treatment to get rid of acne scars, we’ll begin with an in-depth skin consultation. We’ll use a VISIA skin analysis tool to map out your skin and determine specific target areas for treatment. Your doctor will also discuss your desired results, treatments you’ve tried in the past, and other relevant context for your skin.


Your doctor will determine the best acne scar treatment for your specific needs. This may include laser treatments, chemical peels, and other techniques or combination of techniques.

Our goal is to help regenerate the skin and bring new, smooth skin to the surface. The treatment process and timeline varies depending on your treatment plan; we’ll thoroughly explain what to expect and provide any pre or post care instructions for the best results possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since everyone’s skin and history with acne is unique, your acne scar treatments in Elgin should be too. A customized treatment plan is the best treatment for acne scars. For many patients, this is via microneedling or microneedling with radiofrequency, for others, this may be laser or chemical peels.

Laser skin resurfacing works by triggering your skin’s natural healing response to tell your body to produce more collagen and elastin, the elements responsible for smooth, plump skin. Because acne scars are damaged tissue, the goal is to get rid of the damage and replace it with new, healthy tissue. Laser uses controlled “micro-injuries” on the treatment area, kickstarting the regeneration process to smooth away acne scars.

If you have acne scars you want to improve the appearance of, you are most likely a candidate for acne scar treatments in Elgin at Dundee Dermatology. We will have a consultation with you to ensure your candidacy, note any contraindications, and choose the best treatment technique for your specific needs.

If you are only using at-home products, you cannot completely get rid of acne scars. The biggest improvement of acne scars comes only from professional treatments from a skin professional. Your skin needs to regenerate to heal damaged scar tissue, and many of these treatments can dramatically improve or even get rid of acne scars.

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Dundee Dermatology serves the Chicago Northwest suburb region with decades of experience in medical and cosmetic dermatology. We understand the impact of clear, healthy skin. Our doctors and staff all focus on a singular goal: results that deliver.

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