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Treating Benign Lesions of All Types

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Clearing away cosmetic skin lesions with CellFX®.

Your skin is a living organ, and age, genetics, and environmental factors can cause certain bumps and spots to appear all over the body. While you should always consult your dermatologist for a skin check, sometimes a lesion is benign, and is just a pesky cosmetic issue. In this case, we recommend CellFX as the premier skin lesion treatment in Elgin.

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What it Treats

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Treatment Details

Treatment Length

15 to 30 minutes




1-3 treatments

Skin Lesion Treatment in Elgin at Dundee Dermatology

The Science Behind CellFX

The CellFX procedure uses an innovative technology that works at the cellular level where the skin problem resides. Using ultrafast electrical energy pulses, this skin lesion treatment alters cells in the treatment zone.

It also stimulates a gradual clearing of the cells that leads to the regeneration of new cells to clear away the lesion. CellFX accomplishes all of this while keeping the collagen foundation of the skin safe with much less risk of scarring.

How It Works

The Treatment Process


We’ll always start with a skin consultation before recommending the right treatment for you. After examining the treatment area(s), we’ll create a customized treatment plan with CellFX that includes the number of sessions needed.


The treatment process is relatively quick, sometimes as short as 15 minutes. We’ll prepare the lesion to treat then use the CellFX handpiece over the lesion, pulsing for 10 to 15 seconds. This treatment ends with a bandage and aftercare instructions for the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lesion is the medical term for a part of the skin that has an irregular appearance compared to the healthy skin around it. A lesion is typically made up of cells, caused by malformations of the structure of the skin.

On the surface of your skin, a lesion can look like a spot, bump, or growth, can be flat or raised, can have pigment or be clear and can appear anywhere on the face and body. While the lesion appears on the surface of your skin, most cells of a lesion extend underneath the surface into the deeper layers of your skin (the dermis) and can reside at unknown depths. Many factors, including the natural aging process, can cause different types of lesions.

Yes, we can treat more than one lesion in the same procedure. We will assess that this is the best technique and treat multiple areas as needed.

Your doctor will schedule the total appointment time required for your visit. After preparation time, the actual time of the CellFX procedure session is typically 15 minutes, depending on the number of lesions treated. Treatment of each lesion usually requires only 10 to 15 seconds of pulsing.

Some lesions, like blisters, can go away on their own. Most often we treat skin lesions that patients have had for months or years. A professional treatment performed by an expert is the best way to get rid of unwanted skin lesions.

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