7 Common BOTOX Myths Debunked

BOTOX® may be one of the most common anti-aging procedures worldwide. It transforms aging faces by relaxing the facial muscles that cause creases and wrinkles. However, even after such immense popularity as the ultimate wrinkle reducer, myths are still surrounding it.

Myth 1. People Who Work Out a Lot Need More of the Product

A person’s workout routine is not an indication of how much BOTOX® they need. Factors such as genetics, long-term sun exposure levels, facial characteristics and the thickness of the facial muscle usually play a more significant role in determining the amount of the product that will be required to achieve the desired results.

Myth 2. It is Toxic

Many people think that BOTOX® is harmful to the body. The truth is that it is naturally found in the environment and is designed to be non-toxic and inactive.

Myth 3. It Gives People an Expressionless or Frozen Look

A blank or frozen look occurs only when you are given an overdose of the injection. An experienced injector like the ones at Dundee Dermatology knows what amount to inject that will look natural and not expressionless.

Myth 4. The Injections are Invasive

BOTOX® is usually referred to as a lunchtime procedure since it takes a short time to complete and there is virtually no downtime. That’s because the treatment is entirely non-surgical in nature.

Myth 5. The Results are Permanent

BOTOX® effects only last for multiple months at a time until repeat treatments are necessary.

Myth 6. BOTOX® and Injectable Fillers are the Same Things

These injections can be easily confused to be carrying the same qualities. However, you should understand that injectable fillers are for static wrinkles whereas BOTOX® is for dynamic wrinkles.

Myth 7. The Treatment is Only for Women

The truth is both men and women can get the treatment.

Get to know the truth about BOTOX® and enjoy its benefits. Contact us today at Dundee Dermatology in West Dundee to schedule your initial consultation.