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Dundee Does: Ab Toning in Elgin

Dundee Dermatology has so many advanced treatments, but what are they all for? In this short read, we’re sharing how we provide the most advanced ab toning in Elgin! Dive in to see what our experts at Dundee Dermatology can do for you.

Your Choice for Ab Toning in Elgin

What does your core workout include? Planks, crunches, and leg lifts are all great ways to build strength. But what if you could do thousands of all those exercises in under an hour without breaking a sweat? Before you fire your personal trainer, keep reading to learn about the latest in body sculpting.


Emsulpt NEO

The world’s first noninvasive device that burns fat and builds muscle is at Dundee Dermatology! With this groundbreaking technology, you’ll get the equivalent of 20,000 crunches in one hour. Our doctors trust the brains at BTL to provide the best ab toning in Elgin. Here’s how it works: 

The Science Behind Emsculpt

This device combines the best of both radiofrequency heating and HIFEM to melt fat and stimulate muscle contractions. Each Emsculpt NEO paddle focuses electromagnetic energy directly to your muscles. As this causes contractions, the radiofrequency heat targets your fat cells lying just below the skin.

With a one-two punch, Emsculpt NEO causes your body to naturally get rid of fat cells and tone your muscles. To keep every treatment as comfortable as possible, we can adjust the intensity of the pulses. At Dundee Dermatology, we trust Emsculpt NEO because it gives us the control we need to tailor your treatment plan to your exact goals.  

How Dundee Does It

Dundee Dermatology is proud to help so many people reach their goals every day. With decades of experience, our specialists will build a customized, comprehensive plan with your specific goals in mind. To see if our treatment for ab toning in Elgin is right for you, we start with a conversation.  



To build your unique plan, we’ll talk about your goals and get to know your current overall health. Since Emsculpt NEO is only effective for those with a BMI of less than 35, we’ll also employ the Styku body analysis. This measures key biomarkers to fully customize your ab toning in Elgin for maximum results. In every consultation, we get a lot of questions. Here are a few of the most common questions we get about this treatment:

Frequently Asked Questions

“Will this hurt?”

This treatment is all gain, no pain. That’s because we customize your treatment settings to your unique comfort levels. Patients typically say that treatments feel “weird”, but never painful. The only discomfort you may feel is slight muscle soreness following your treatment.

“Is this also a weight loss treatment?”

This is not to be confused with a weight loss treatment. While Emsculpt NEO does burn fat, it is not a substitute for exercising and eating right. If you’re struggling to lose weight, we recommend consulting with a dietician and looking into medical weight loss solutions. 

“How many sessions will I need?”

Since everyone is unique, every plan for ab toning in Elgin is as well. At Dundee Dermatology, no two patients receive the same treatments. Our plans typically recommend 4 to 6 sessions spaced 5 to 10 days apart. 


To schedule your Emsculpt NEO treatment, we’ll plan around your lifestyle. This makes every treatment as easy as running an errand! Each session takes under an hour, and we can schedule multiple treatment areas in one session. 

On the day of your session, you’ll be greeted by our front desk and escorted back to our comfortable treatment room. There, you’ll lie back in our procedure chair while a specialist applies a solution and secures the paddle to your abdominal area.

In your initial treatment, we’ll try different levels of intensity to understand your specific tolerance. Throughout your session, feel free to let our specialists know if you feel any discomfort. In under an hour, your treatment is complete, and you can get right back to your day!


Before you leave, we’ll schedule your follow-up session to continue on your path to results. Our doctors are also always excited to talk about additions like Emface, Botox, and more! Dundee Dermatology is here to be everyone’s source for clinical quality and personalized care. 


Set the Tone

Whether it’s to be at your best for an event or just to love the way you look in the mirror, our ab toning in Elgin is a painless path to results! To see if this is the solution you’ve been looking for, find out in a few clicks with our procedure match tool.

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