Age Spot Treatment via Laser Services

The change in your age can show up in many different places. However, it should not have to also show up on your skin. Because your skin is your largest organ and is also the one most open to the air and the pollutants and toxins in it, it is frequently the organ that is most apt to age quickly. You may notice changes in your skin when your skin tone is not as healthy as it once was and small crinkles begin to form in your skin when you smile or frown. However, as you get older, more visible problems may begin to crop up, and one of the most annoying may be age spots. Thankfully, with the right age spot treatment, you can see great results.

What Causes Age Spots?

Age spots go by many different names, including liver spots. However, the title of sunspots may be one of the most apt because most of these crop up on the skin due to excessive sun exposure. This is also why they are most prominent on those with very light skin or with red hair. Although they can occur nearly anywhere on the body, they most frequently appear on areas that see the most sun, such as the face, chest, and hands.

Most age spots are not harmful to your body. However, you should keep an eye on them to see if they change over the years. As you grow older, they may become larger and may begin to merge into bigger blotches of tan or brown.

Why Laser Services?

You may have heard of all types of age spot treatment options that claim to be good for age spots. However, we believe that lasers are among the best because they provide real results without the need for constant self-discipline when using topical products and without the need for invasive procedures.

The laser works by stimulating your body’s own healing process. After your treatment, your age spots will gradually fade away, especially with continued treatments. You may need a series of treatments depending on the number, size and color of your age spots. Laser services can also be used to treat other forms of discoloration on your skin, such as visible veins.

We use a variety of different lasers and laser services at Dundee Dermatology in West Dundee, IL. The one that we choose for your needs will depend on your personal goals, your current skin concerns and the style of treatment with which you are most comfortable. Contact us today to book a consultation and learn more about your options regarding age spot treatment!