Anti-aging Skin Care in Elgin

Solving Your Wrinkles in Time

At Dundee Dermatology, we’re changing the way people look at their age every day! With the most advanced anti-aging skin care solutions in Elgin, age is only a number here. So, before you worry about one more wrinkle, get some guidance from the experts who truly care. As you consider your options, we recommend keeping one key piece of advice in mind.

“Aging is just another word for living.”

Cindy Joseph (model, writer, advocate)

You may be pining for the looks you loved in your younger years, but Dundee Dermatology believes that your best is yet to come! That’s why we sit down with our patients to talk over their deepest concerns in a private, supportive conversation. In every consultation, we’ll take a clinically close look at your deepest concerns to match you with the most effective anti-aging skin care in Elgin. With your goals in mind, we’ll help you confidently face tomorrow—instead of striving to get the looks of yesterday!


How Elgin Ages Beautifully

We may not have a time machine, but our array of anti-aging skin care options in Elgin are the closest thing Illinois can get to one! Here are the best options for every stage in your aging journey:

Daily Skincare

The key to youthful looks starts with your daily routine. That’s why we recommend top brands like Alastin, ZO, EltaMD, and more! Our specialists will help you update your daily routine for maximized results with our decades of dermatological experience and the best anti-aging skin care products in Elgin. But we don’t stop there! 

Non-Invasive Options


Sometimes, skin care needs to go beyond the medicine cabinet. That’s why Dundee Dermatology recommends the most effective non-invasive options available! In just one visit, we can painlessly address concerns throughout your face and body. Browse our patients’ favorite non-invasive anti-aging skin care treatments in Elgin:

BBL Heroic


Emsculpt NEO

In-Depth Solutions

For some of the deepest concerns related to aging, we may need to take your treatment beyond skin-deep. That’s why we also offer solutions that get to the root causes. Collagen and elastin production naturally slow down as we age. 

So, to jumpstart your natural cell growth, we recommend Exion and UltraClear. These options focus on removing compromised cells and replacing them with healthy, rejuvenated skin. To learn more about our favorite in-depth treatments, browse our offerings with the buttons below!

Ex Out Aging

Get UltraClear


Find Your Fountain of Youth

With so many anti-aging skin care options in Elgin, you can finally call off the search for the Fountain of Youth. But you’re not getting any younger quite yet! To look as young as you feel, see what could be at Dundee Dermatology. Schedule your appointment, or take our procedure match tool for a test drive right now!

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