Body Contouring with Emsculpt for a Slimmer Body You Want

Are you not seeing flat and toned abs and a slimmer waist after diet and exercise? If you are already in good health but could use some help to reach the abs you dream of, body contouring with EMSCULPT at Dundee Dermatology in West Dundee, IL can help you reach your goal.

Treatment can be performed quickly and without the need for any surgery or invasive procedures.

What Is Body Contouring With EMSCULPT?

If you want to have a slimmer and more muscular body, EMSCULPT is an impressive body contouring treatment that works without surgery or invasive procedures. The treatment stimulates muscle movement to burn fat and build muscle like no other treatment.

EMSCULPT can help those who are looking to lose an inch or more off of their waistline and are already healthy.

How Does EMSCULPT Work?

Body contouring uses an electromagnetic technology called EMSCULPT. The device can be attached to the target area, including your abdominal area and buttocks. The device stimulates the muscles to flex like they would when performing a squat or crunch.

The device causes this flex, called a supramaximal contraction, and repeats the movement up to 20,000 times during a 30-minute session. The energy required to do this causes the fat in the target area to be metabolized by the body and broken down.

This session would be like doing 20,000 crunches, making it an efficient method to burn fat and build muscle in a short amount of time. EMSCULPT is the only treatment that is FDA-approved to build muscle.

Who Is a Good EMSCULPT Candidate?

EMSCULPT is an excellent treatment for those looking to lose a small amount of body fat and build muscle in the target area but who already have a healthy body weight. The treatment is not an effective way to lose a substantial amount of weight.

The treatment is good for those who have tried to get slim and solid abs through working out and proper diet but need a little bit of help to reach the goal. Candidates of body contouring from EMSCULPT should maintain a healthy lifestyle after treatment in order to have lasting results.

What Are the Benefits?

Patients who select the EMSCULPT treatment for their body contouring needs can expect muscle growth and fat loss. The target area will remain firm and tight without loose skin.

The muscles will grow and can be more visible after treatment. The treatment can burn around an inch of fat from the waist and will create a more toned and slender body.

What to Expect

If you think EMSCULPT is right for you, we can set a consultation appointment with a specialist. The specialist will address your needs and create the body contouring treatment that is right for you.

If you are looking to lose a significant amount of weight, there may be another treatment that would better address your needs prior to EMSCULPT. When we determine EMSCULPT is right for you and properly identify an end goal, we can begin treatment.

How It’s Done

The specialist will use the device to properly stimulate the target area and cause muscle growth and weight loss. The treatment may consist of more than one session spaced one week apart until your goal has been met.

Most participants do not need to use EMSCULPT again after reaching their target goal, but retouches can be conducted if needed. For the longest-lasting results with EMSCULPT, patients should continue a healthy lifestyle after treatment.

How Effective Is EMSCULPT?

EMSCULPT provides dramatic results in muscle growth and fat loss. Participants experience a more slim and muscular target area without laxity in the skin. EMSCULPT provides an average fat loss of 15% and average muscle growth of 16% in the target area.

Most users are satisfied with the treatment, and you may begin to see results after your first session. The fat loss and muscle growth from the sculpting look natural because the change occurs over several sessions spaced one week apart.

EMSCULPT does not require any surgery or invasive procedures to provide dramatic results. The treatment is quick and effective for both men and women. A single session takes only 30 minutes.


The treatment is safe and effective. There are no lasers, needles, anesthetics, surgery, or suction devices involved. The treatment is non-invasive and causes no damage to the skin.

After treatment, patients may only feel a bit of tenderness in the muscles like you might experience after an intense workout. There is no discomfort during the treatment, and no downtime or healing time after a session.

Can EMSCULPT Be Combined With Other Treatments?

EMSCULPT is effective for removing a small amount of fat from the abs, but it is also effective for performing a butt-lift procedure with no surgery. The treatment can also be used to greatly enhance the results of other treatments.

Those being treated with liposuction to remove unwanted fat can also benefit from the toning and muscle building effects of EMSCULPT.

Get Started Today

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