Considering Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an extremely convenient and non-invasive treatment that can help you permanently reduce or remove unwanted facial or body hair after a series of treatments. It will leave your skin looking silkier and smoother than methods like razors, electrolysis, or waxing. This precise procedure is able to treat large areas without the need for any downtime. These are some of the reasons that it has become one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures within the United States.

Getting Laser Hair Removal

A laser treatment may be right for you if you are feeling embarrassed by unwanted facial or body hair that often restricts your ability to wear certain clothes. It also helps those who have busy schedules.

The best candidates for the treatment are tired of constantly having to wax, shave, or pluck to remove unwanted hair. They have realistic expectations regarding their results and are prepared to undergo multiple treatments for the removal or reduction of unwanted hair.

Treatment Areas

Laser hair removal is able to work on a wide range of bodily and facial areas, including the underarms, bikini line, or back, just to name a few. It helps those who have unwanted hair on their upper lip, chin, or cheek area.

How It Works

Every hair on your body grows from a hair follicle. The melanin, or pigment-producing part of the hair, will absorb the laser light energy from the laser used in the treatment. This energy destroys the hair follicle and its ability to produce hair in the future.

Multiple treatments are required because of the way that individual hairs grow in certain cycles at any given time. A hair follicle in a dormant cycle will shed its hair. Since the laser targets the melanin found in individual hairs, the lack of a hair means that such a follicle cannot be destroyed. Every hair follicle cycles in and out of growth phases. Multiple treatments allow us to catch every individual hair when it happens to be in a growth phase.

Your Treatment

We will adjust the laser according to your location and thickness of hair in the treatment zone. We then direct the laser to transmit thermal energy into hair follicles to destroy them and prevent the growth of unwanted hair.

Your Initial Consultation

Before undergoing any treatment, we will have a consultation with you to discuss your goals for your procedure. After evaluating you as a laser hair removal patient, we will clarify how you can benefit from the procedure.

If you feel that you would benefit from a laser hair removal treatment, please feel free to reach out to our team at Dundee Dermatology. Our office is conveniently located in West Dundee, IL. Contact us today to book your consultation and learn more!