Enhance Muscle Tone with EMSCULPT

It’s true that regular exercise and a strict, healthy diet can work wonders for your appearance and self-confidence. The problems with that philosophy can start to become obvious when you really want to sculpt and shape your body. You might realize that no matter how many repetitions of an exercise or how much weight you add, your results are limited. It’s encouraging to know that we live in a time when new technologies are being realized and old technologies are being improved upon. EMSCULPT is a revolutionary technology that can actually decrease fat, build muscle and tighten your abs and buttocks.

What is the EMSCULPT Procedure?

EMSCULPT is a non-invasive procedure that can help you get the body you want when diet and exercise aren’t enough. EMSCULPT isn’t just a fat melting procedure; it’s a body sculpting tool that can deliver dramatic results. The secret to this procedure’s success rate is the High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. The HIFEM device our specialists use in these procedures emits electromagnetic energy that forces the muscles underneath it to contract in ways that can’t be accomplished naturally, no matter how effort is put in.

When electromagnetic energy is applied to parts of the body during the procedure, it causes all muscle groups in that area of the body to contract at the same time. For example, when it’s applied to the abdominal region, it causes the transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis and external oblique muscles to contract. This has a muscle-tightening and fat-burning effect that quickly becomes very noticeable. You simply cannot target all of these muscle groups with common exercises the way you can with the EMSCULPT procedure.

The levels of electromagnetic energy emitted by the EMSCULPT device are very safe. This device was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the burning of fat and the building of muscle. This is the first time a treatment has been cleared for these purposes in both men and women.

A Quick, Simple Procedure

The EMSCULPT procedure is quick, convenient and has lasting effects. Areas of the body commonly treated include the abs and buttocks. The electromagnetic waves from the pad will cause involuntary contractions. This is like an intense workout in that area of the body while the procedure continues.

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