Fresh Skin with Chemical Peels in Dundee Dermatology

Dundee Dermatology believes in beauty preservation and enhancement through the aid of the latest innovations in cosmetology today. Everyone has their options either to cling on the signs of aging or to make themselves young and beautiful by erasing signs of aging with Chemical Peels in Dundee IL. Facial surgery can be costly and risky and some patients can’t imagine going under the knife and spending an extra amount of hard earned money. Chemical peels are affordable way to have a new fresh skin and stay young. Besides, these are the least expensive alternatives to laser treatments.  They are safe when performed by an experienced and knowledgeable dermatologist such as Dr. Paul Getz of Dundee Dermatology.

Chemical peels are also ideal to treat and remove skin discoloration and scars commonly in the face and can be done in other body areas such as the neck and hands. These non-surgical options are available depending on the skin type of the patient. There are different types of chemical peels commonly offered by the dermatologist nowadays which use a variety of peeling agents and formulations as follows:

  • Deep chemical peel

  • Medium chemical peel

  • Superficial chemical peel

Each chemical peel treatment procedure will take between 30 to 90 minutes. The damaged upper layers of the skin that have been exposed to the harmful effects of the sun or environment resulting in a wrinkled, unclear and discolored skin, are then exfoliated. Dead skin cells are exfoliated to reveal a new fresh skin.

Call  Dundee Dermatology today at 847-851-8888 to schedule your consultation for a Chemical Peel treatment. We can recommend the right chemical peel for you. A fresh new skin awaits you after a successful Chemical Peel treatment.