Is That Really Acne? Ask Our Dermatologist in Chicago

Finding a bump or bumps on your face is not what you want as summer gets rolling. It may or may not be acne. You need to know exactly what the bump really is before you start applying creams because sometimes it isn’t as simple as a spot. Identifying exactly what your blemish is will affect how our dermatologist in Chicago will treat it.


If the bump looks like acne and acts like acne, there’s a good chance it’s acne. But if it seems to persist and doesn’t really get better, you could have a new wart or mole. Warts aren’t always those crusty, contagious things you had as a kid; they can be fairly smooth, skin-colored bumps that just sit there and don’t really spread. The best treatment for these is having a dermatologist remove it for you rather than doing any further damage yourself.

Milia and Tinea Versicolor

These two conditions usually involve small, white bumps that initially look like small whiteheads. Tinea versicolor can also be pink or red, like a pimple. Milia form when bits of keratin end up under your skin; they are harmless but need to be removed by a professional because you can’t do anything about them yourself.

Allergic Reactions

Contact dermatitis is a possibility, especially if you’re looking at a field of bumps that itch. Consider the skin products you’ve been using recently; is there anything new? Discuss your habits with an expert to try and identify the culprit, though you may have to undergo an allergy test before you’re sure of the exact cause.

Small Non-Acne Infection

Technically, a pimple is a small infection on your skin that results from a clogged pore, but it’s also possible to have a small infection from an injury that has become infected. Our dermatologist in Chicago can prescribe antibiotics if necessary and help you care for the wound.


A boil sounds like something out of medieval literature, but it’s a common skin disorder that is often confused with acne.

Dundee Dermatology in West Dundee can help diagnose those bumps and provide the correct treatment. Contact us today to arrange an appointment and get started on the road to smoother skin.