Reasons to See a Dermatologist in the Chicago Area

Wondering whether your problems are worth taking to a dermatologist? Not sure what a dermatologist even looks for or if your particular issue would be better handled at home with over-the-counter solutions? For a simple answer, you can go ahead and schedule an appointment with with us at Dundee Dermatology. For a more complete answer, let’s look at just a few of the reasons people visit our skin specialist.

Chronic Skin Problems

Acne, rashes, red spots and dry skin all fall under the purview of our dermatologist. If you haven’t had luck with typical over-the-counter solutions to basic skin problems, our specialist can help you figure out the next step to take. If you’re not even sure where to start, we can help you from step one.

Unusual Moles

While every unusual mole isn’t necessarily cancerous, every unusual mole should be checked just in case. Unusual in this case means moles that change over time, especially if they’re growing. Changes in texture or coloration, irregular borders that are jagged or meld into the skin, and asymmetry are also warning signs.

Skin Care

If you’re looking to minimize the aging process and keep your skin healthy and youthful for longer, our office is a great place to start. No one knows more about caring for your skin.

Aesthetic Treatments

Beyond basic skin care, our dermatologist can help with any number of skin conditions that are largely cosmetic, such as wrinkles or scars. Because of the role of the skin in beauty, dermatologists are frequently well-versed in any number of aesthetic treatments.

Skin Pain or Itching

Regular pain or itching on your skin, scalp, or nails should definitely be taken to our dermatologist for additional insight. A minor allergic reaction here and a sore spot there may not warrant medical attention, but chronic problems definitely deserve a professional eye.

Scalp, Hair and Nail Problems

A dermatologist isn’t just a specialist in skin. Our doctor’s area of expertise also encompasses your scalp, hair, and nails. Everything from hair loss to ingrown toenails to scalp acne warrants a visit to our dermatology office. If it affects one of these areas, we’ll know what to do or who you should talk to next.

Want to learn more? Think you might need to set up an appointment? Then visit us at Dundee Dermatology, serving the greater Chicago area, today. Location and contact information is available here.