RF Microneedling: Restoring Complexion Through Natural Healing

During the normal aging process, you may start to notice more expression lines, dark spots, and wrinkles. The skin on your face may start to feel less elastic, and you may have acne scars or other damage. While these changes can be expected, you may be looking for a way to safely renew your skin without surgery. 


Radiofrequency microneedling could be the treatment that you’re looking for to smooth the appearance of your skin and help you feel more confident. At Dundee Dermatology we help you learn more about the benefits of RF Microneedling and what a typical procedure will look like. 


What Is RF Microneedling? 


RF microneedling uses a combination of your body’s natural ability to heal plus radiofrequency which has a tightening effect on your skin. These two things working together can lead to more youthful-looking skin that is glowing and radiant. 


Collagen Production Through Microneedling


The first facet of this treatment is the microneedling itself. Tiny, gold-tipped needles are used to penetrate the skin on your face gently and precisely. The process creates microwounds that your body will begin to heal immediately after the treatment. While your skin heals, collagen and elastin are both produced. This brand-new skin can fill out scars, stretch marks, and fine lines while tightening your skin. 




Radiofrequency helps to boost the effects of our microneedling treatments. Radiofrequency waves heat the deep areas of your skin, called the dermis, causing skin fibers to tighten as your skin heals itself. Microneedling can be even more effective when it’s used alongside radiofrequency.


What Are the Benefits of RF Microneedling? 


If you have scarring, skin hyperpigmentation, or wrinkles, RF microneedling can help you get your confidence back. If you’re avoiding social interactions or any other type of situation because of your skin, we want you to feel like you can enjoy these activities again. Here are some of the benefits that can come with microneedling treatments. 


There Are Many Different Uses


Radiofrequency microneedling can be used in many different situations to treat a variety of skin conditions. It can be effective against acne scars. It can also be used to minimize wrinkles and fine lines, reduce hyperpigmentation, lighten sunspots, and tighten up loose skin. 


It Is Minimally-Invasive


As a minimally invasive treatment, you can get great results without having to have surgery. You won’t have incisions, the treatment itself is fast, and you won’t have a long recovery time.


There is Less Downtime


Because it’s not a surgery, you won’t have a lot of downtime after the treatment. You’ll be able to get right back to your day as soon as you leave our office. You will have some redness, so many people choose to stay home for a few days after the treatment.   


What Does RF Microneedling Treat? 


Wrinkles and Fine Lines


After you reach your 40s or older, you may start seeing wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes, and on other areas of your face. Because our microneedling technique stimulates collagen production and the growth of new cells, you may notice wrinkles and fine lines diminishing after treatment. One of the benefits of radiofrequency microneedling is that the regrowth can continue happening weeks after your appointment. You may see improvement in your skin even a few months after your last treatment.




If you feel uncomfortable because of acne scarring, RF microneedling can help. This treatment can minimize the effects of years of damage from acne and smooth out your complexion. When skin care products aren’t working well enough by themselves, microneedling can heal your skin through blood vessel production.


Sunspots, Hyperpigmentation, and Dark Marks


Sunspots can appear on your skin after many years of exposing it to sunshine. While benign, they can take away from the youthful appearance of your skin. Microneedling can be one of the best ways to even out the pigmentation of your skin


Your RF Microneedling Treatment Plan


Since RF microneedling is a personalized treatment, everyone will have a different treatment plan. As a general rule, you can expect 3 initial treatments that are around 8 weeks apart. Many people start seeing results right away, but it may take a couple of treatments to start to see a difference. 


When you come to us for microneedling, we’ll start by putting numbing cream on your face so that you don’t have any discomfort during the treatment. We use the Genius® system by Lutronic. We love this system because of how precise it is. We can control the depth of the needles for personalized treatment. You can expect the process to take around 30 minutes to complete.  


After Your Appointment


After your appointment, you’ll have some redness on your skin that can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days. You may also have mild peeling which can be a normal part of the healing process. We’ll likely recommend scheduling two more sessions that are 8 weeks apart, and you may need more follow-up sessions depending on your situation. 


Restore Your Complexion with RF Microneedling in Chicago, IL


If you’re looking for a non-invasive way to renew your skin, radiofrequency microneedling could be the right choice for you. If you live near Chicago, IL, get in touch with us! At Dundee Dermatology, we help many people to achieve their goals of having brighter, more youthful, and more radiant skin.


If you are struggling with acne scars, loose skin, hyperpigmentation, or age lines, get in touch with us to schedule an appointment today! At Dundee Dermatology, we offer personalized RF microneedling services in Chigaco, IL, and the surrounding areas.