Stem Unwanted Growth With Laser Hair Removal

Plucking, waxing, and constant shaving of unwanted hair on the face and elsewhere doesn’t get rid of the follicles, meaning the hairs will always grow back. If you’re seeking a more permanent solution, consider laser hair removal. This is a specialized cosmetic treatment that can effectively remove the hair in a given area of skin surface. Because the follicle that produces the hair strand is damaged in this process, it’s unlikely that a thick hair strand will ever develop in the future.

Laser hair removal works best for those who have lighter skin tone and darker hair strands, but the newest and most advanced laser instruments can be calibrated to work for those who have lighter hair. During your consultation with us, we can discuss this and other details of near-permanent hair removal.

How Lasers Remove Unwanted Hair

Hair follicles are where the cells divide and then die. The dead cells get packed together to form a strand, and the base of the strand, inside the follicle, is the same tone as the hair strands themselves. Hair follicles alternate between an active and resting state. When they rest, the hair strand falls out. This is why you always have some hair strands in your comb or brush. It also means that laser hair removal is performed as a series of treatments, and this is because only active, strand-producing follicles can be effectively damaged by the laser energy.

How Does It Work?

During the procedure, we run the laser instrument over the skin surface. The device emits pulses of concentrated light. The light energy is absorbed below the skin surface where the darker-toned follicles exist. The heat absorbed by the follicle damages it, and over time, the hairs strands attached to the follicle will fall out. It is important to note that because only active follicles are damaged, you may require a series of treatments to achieve the optimal effect. In this way, we ensure that all follicles are affected during their active phase. Unlike other types of laser treatment such as laser skin resurfacing, the skin isn’t damaged during laser hair removal.

Get In Touch with Us for Further Information

We encourage you to stem unwanted hair growth in the most effective manner available. To learn more about laser hair removal, please feel free to reach out and make an appointment with Dundee Dermatology! At our convenient location in West Dundee, IL, our devoted and compassionate professionals will be happy to explain the process in further detail and help you achieve your desired silky-smoothness. Contact us today to set up your consultation!