The Psychological Benefits of Psoriasis Treatment in Dundee

Most psoriasis sufferers find that the condition affects their life to some extent. In fact, the psychological effects of this condition can be devastating. Read on to find out how psoriasis treatment at our center in Dundee could benefit you.

The Psychological Effects of Psoriasis

Psoriasis can cause redness and scaling of the skin. This can lead to a number of severe psychological symptoms. Sufferers may feel embarrassed, helpless or even ashamed of their appearance. These feelings can lead to poor self-worth and low self-esteem and even to social isolation.

On a practical level, the physical problems caused by psoriasis can lead to discrimination or restriction in career opportunities. This can further add to the mental stress of the sufferer, causing a negative impact on family life. In addition, painful lesions can present problems with daily living. Dressing, sleeping, bathing and even sexual dysfunction can all affect psoriasis sufferers.

All these psychological issues cause an increase in stress levels. Stress is a recognized trigger for a flare-up of psoriasis, making the physical problems worse and continuing the vicious cycle.

How We Can Help

Here at Dundee Dermatology, we offer a number of treatment options to psoriasis sufferers.

Laser skin treatments

In cases of mild to moderate psoriasis, we may recommend treatment with the XTRAC Velocity-700 Excimer Laser. This is an FDA-approved procedure that we use to treat chronic, localized psoriasis plaques. The laser emits UVB light, specifically targeted at affected skin cells.


Your psoriasis treatment in Dundee may also involve phototherapy (light therapy). This treatment is particularly effective in tackling psoriasis. We use the full spectrum of medical grade lighting to deliver the perfect narrow-band UVB light wavelength to all affected areas of the skin, including full body treatment, targeted therapy, or feet and hands only.


Patients who have severe psoriasis may be treated with biologics, which are active proteins that are administered via injection. The proteins work by blocking tumor necrosis factor-alpha, a chemical messenger that triggers the immune system, causing the skin cells to become inflamed.

Get Help for Psoriasis Today

As a specialist psoriasis treatment center, our experts offer a wide selection of the most up-to-date, approved treatment options for this debilitating condition. Why not contact our helpful team at Dundee Dermatology near Chicago today to schedule your first appointment?