What Is Botox? The Wrinkle-Relaxing Treatments You Need

As you get older, your skin starts to form wrinkles and fine lines. This natural part of aging is due to collagen loss and dry skin. 

If you want to relax your wrinkles with a non-surgical treatment, Botox injections are for you. At Dundee Dermatology, we offer Botox cosmetic treatments as both preventive and proactive wrinkle treatments. 

So what is Botox, and how can it improve your complexion?

Botox: Wrinkle-Relaxing Injections

Botox injections are made from botulinum toxin A. This neurotoxin is a natural by-product of a special strain of bacteria. When botulinum toxin A is processed and purified, it becomes the Botox formula you know and love. 

When you make facial expressions, your muscle contractions can cause creases and wrinkles to form over time. These are known as dynamic wrinkles. 

Neurotoxin injectables block the nerve signals that cause these facial muscles to contract and form wrinkles. 

The result? Your wrinkles and fine lines appear smoother and more relaxed, sometimes disappearing completely. 

Botox cosmetic treatments can enhance your complexion by preventing and smoothing facial lines, resulting in a more youthful appearance. 

The Benefits of Getting Botox 

Are you still on the fence about choosing Botox for your wrinkle treatments? There are important benefits to using Botox for wrinkle reduction and prevention. 

Effective Wrinkle Reduction

Topical skin care products can only do so much on the surface of your skin, but Botox penetrates your facial tissues to reach the muscles. This ability makes for a much more effective wrinkle treatment over time. 

Botox stops wrinkles at the source by reducing facial muscle contractions. When it comes to youthful skin treatments, Botox injections are one of the most effective. 


Some patients wish to avoid surgery and other invasive skin treatments to reduce their wrinkles. Botox is minimally invasive and does not require general anesthesia. 

There are no surgical techniques involved in Botox treatments. You simply get your injections and leave our office with minimal restrictions. 

No Downtime 

For patients with busy schedules, quick and convenient treatments are key. Botox appointments take less than an hour and don’t require any downtime afterward. 

This means that you do not have to wait around our office; you can even go back to work after your appointment if you need to! Botox is an attractive wrinkle treatment for patients who need to be in and out — and nothing more. 

Natural and Authentic Facial Expressions

Botox allows you to express yourself authentically. Even though the formula prevents certain facial muscle movements, you will still be able to make all of your normal expressions. 

We use skilled injection techniques and the appropriate number of units to achieve optimal wrinkle-reducing results without sacrificing your self-expression. Nobody has to know that you got Botox injections unless you tell them!

High-Quality Patient Care

When you come to us for your Botox cosmetic treatments, you are choosing top-quality patient care. 

We ensure your comfort by providing numbing cream and ice when you need it. Most patients have no problems during this procedure and are able to feel comfortable with ice. 

Our friendly staff members will be there to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. 

How Long Does Botox Last?

Your Botox results will last for about three to five months. After this time, you will need to come in for touch-up injections to maintain your more youthful complexion. 

Botox results are temporary because your body eventually processes the formula. Once you have metabolized the formula, you may notice wrinkles and fine lines coming back. This means that it’s time to schedule another appointment with us. 

We make it easy to schedule your follow-up appointments. All you have to do is call our office or fill out our online form to book your session!

Candidates for Botox 

We perform personalized consultations with every new patient to make sure this treatment is right for you. During your consultation, we will go over your medical history, ask you about your aesthetic goals, and answer any questions you have about the procedure. 

As long as you are not allergic to anything in the Botox formula, you will likely be approved for injections. Adults of all ages enjoy Botox treatments; younger patients can use them to prevent wrinkle formation and keep their skin smooth. 

You should not have an active skin infection when you come in for Botox injections. Wait for your skin to heal before undergoing any skin care treatment at our office. 

Mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid getting Botox. Always consult your primary physician before trying any cosmetic treatments while pregnant or nursing. 

Qualifying patients with mild to severe wrinkles who want to smooth their complexions are great candidates for Botox. 

Safe Cosmetic Treatments 

Botox is approved by the FDA to treat forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and frown lines in adults. You can trust that this formula is effective and well researched. 

Patients have been reaping the benefits of Botox treatments for many years. Over the last few decades, Botox has become the gold standard for wrinkle smoothing and forehead relaxing. 

We adhere to the highest standards during all medical and aesthetic procedures. If you have any questions about what to expect, you can speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members during your consultation. 

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