Cutera Excel V for Vein Treatment

Cutera excel V™ is an effective and safe vein treatment for numerous conditions including:

• Broken blood vessels referred to as telangiectasias
• Leg veins
• Rosacea
• Cherry angiomas
• Brown skin lesions with a benign pigmentation
• Port wine stains

This is a good treatment for both the mild and severe forms of all the above conditions. Cutera developed the excel V™ treatment for a wide variety of different skin conditions. This is an effective new laser system. A lot of skin conditions are revealed by abnormal or broken blood vessels in the skin.

A good example is rosacea. This condition causes a dilation of the facial blood vessels often causing both flushing and redness. The treatment addresses these conditions with a green, high powered laser the abnormal blood vessels in the skin are able to absorb. The abnormal blood vessels are heated by the laser until they have been completely removed. By the end of the procedure, the natural color and skin tone of the individual have been restored.

The Specifics of the Cutera Excel V™ Treatment

The vein treatment process begins when you have a consultation with a medical professional. This is when the determination is made as to whether or not this procedure is appropriate for your specific needs. Cutera excel V™ is different from other treatments because it does not require a topical anesthetic or any injections for the procedure. The hand piece is placed over the skin that has been affected until the abnormal vessels have been diminished. A proprietary cooling mechanism helps ensure you remain comfortable and your skin is protected during the treatment.

Although there are other laser options for treatment of these skin conditions, there are benefits to the Cutera excel V™ treatment. This treatment can be custom tailored for the specific skin condition of each individual. This is one of the biggest challenges for laser treatments. Many of the existing lasers are not as effective because they can only treat one depth and size.

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