Dundee Dermatology now offers Dysport Chicago – a popular anti-wrinkle injectable treatment similar to BOTOX®.

West Dundee, IL (June 2011) – Dundee Dermatology (, a medical, surgical, and aesthetic dermatology practice, is adding Dysport® to their array of cosmetic services. Dysport is a popular wrinkle treatment with properties similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic. Men and women seeking dermatology in the Chicago area for facial rejuvenation should be aware of this new option.

“No one doubts the remarkable results that can be achieved with BOTOX,” says Chicago area dermatologist Dr. Paul Getz. “However, patients benefit when they have more options for treatment. That’s why we’ve decided to add Dysport to our practice.”

Both BOTOX and Dysport are FDA-approved, and, like BOTOX, Dysport is made with a botulinum toxin, a purified protein that gently relaxes facial muscles to reduce wrinkles. The differences between BOTOX and Dysport are subtle. Dysport seems to take effect more quickly (1 to 2 days vs. 3 to 5 days for BOTOX). In addition, the results of Dysport seem to spread further from the injection site. For these reasons, people seeking more widespread rejuvenation and quicker results may prefer Dysport.

“Our emphasis is on developing a unique treatment plan for each patient,” says a dermatologist at Dundee Dermatology. “That’s why we’ve done the research and developed a wide array of top procedures to offer to the men and women who visit our practice. In addition to BOTOX and Dysport, people seeking facial rejuvenation at our practice may consider injectable fillers, chemical peels, and laser treatments.”

The dermatologists at Dundee Dermatology offer more than cosmetic skincare. They also offer laser services and clinical treatments. They emphasize clinical research and advanced technology, offered in a caring and compassionate environment.

“We’re excited about Dysport, but we’re even more excited about what happens next,” Dr. Tracy Campbell, a dermatologist in the Chicago area at Dundee Dermatology, says. “More and more minimally invasive cosmetic options are being developed. As we keep our eyes on the future of cosmetic medicine, we’re staying focused on what really matters – the confidence and appearance of the man or woman sitting right across from us.”

If you’re thinking about a Dysport near me BOTOX treatment, call us today at (847) 851-8888 or request a consultation online.