Butt Toning in Elgin

Dundee Does: Butt Toning in Elgin

What can Dundee Dermatology do for you? That’s exactly what we’re answering in our latest short-read series. To build the best butt of your life, we’re discussing the ins and outs of our options for butt toning in Elgin! Dive in to see everything our experts can do for you.

The Better Butt Lift

There are so many options to build a better butt these days, but what’s best for you? Instead of sweating, surgery, or injections, Dundee Dermatology opts for painless, effective solutions. With our skilled specialists, no pain doesn’t necessarily mean no gain. These are the top options to build your toned tush:


If you’re seeing dimples on the wrong cheeks, we recommend Cellutone to eliminate that cellulite! This non-invasive device uses targeted vibrations to naturally reduce cellulite. By shaking up fat cells and improving circulation, Cellutone can help you ditch those dimples for good! And we’re here to break down how Cellutone breaks up cellulite.

This device delivers specialized sound waves that create vibrations in your skin. These vibrations penetrate deep to reach the fibrous cords and fat cells that cause cellulite. As Cellutone breaks up fat cells, it also enhances circulation throughout your underlying muscle. 

With improved circulation and elimination of fat cells, Cellutone treats key factors that cause cellulite. This results in a smooth surface for the best butt toning in Elgin possible!

Emsulpt NEO

While some may be satisfied with less cellulite, Dundee Dermatology takes things even further with the world’s first noninvasive device proven to tone that tush. To take your gluteus to the maximus, our specialists recommend Emsculpt NEO. Here’s how it works!


Emsculpt NEO uses HIFEM and radiofrequency heating to melt fat and manually cause muscle contractions. Emsculpt NEO causes your body to naturally process damaged fat cells and tone underlying muscle. Every treatment is effective and painless thanks to our skilled specialists and Emsculpt’s unmatched customization. We can fine-tune the intensity of your treatment to help ensure total comfort while getting maximum results. 

How We Do It

If you’re ready to love your tush, we’re here to help! Our office draws from our decades of clinical experience to customize the right plans to reach your unique goals. Before we can begin your butt toning in Elgin, we’ll need to get to know you first! 


In your personalized consultation, we’ll go over your current conditions and dive in deep to learn about you and your biology. We’ll discuss everything from your lifestyle and habits to your type of cellulite and BMI. By combining personal and clinical insights, we’ll build your customized path to a better butt! 

As we discuss butt toning in Elgin, it’s common to have questions. Here are the top two we get in almost every consultation:


Common Questions

“What do these treatments feel like?”

Cellutone and Emsculpt NEO are designed to be painless before, during, and after your treatment. Throughout your entire butt toning in Elgin, you’ll feel vibrations and rapid, controlled contractions, but never have to suffer through any pain or discomfort. That’s because the brains at BTL built customization into both devices. Throughout your treatment, let our specialists know if you feel any discomfort, and we’ll adjust the intensity accordingly.

“How many sessions will I need?”

Since everyone’s plan is unique, the number of required sessions will be as well. We typically recommend 2 Cellutone sessions a week for 3 weeks and regular follow-ups as needed. We recommend 4 to 6 sessions for Emsculpt NEO, spaced 5 to 10 days apart. Every session takes less than an hour, with absolutely no downtime required!


To sculpt your ideal tuchus, Dundee Dermatology keeps every treatment as straightforward and effective as possible. In most cases, we’ll start with Emsculpt NEO to build up your muscles and reduce fat deposits. As we start to understand your natural cellulite deposits, we’ll work in Cellutone as needed. 

Each session begins after you check in with our friendly front office staff. You’ll then be escorted to our comfortable treatment room. There, you’ll lie on our comfortable treatment table, and a specialist will prep the area for your procedure. Throughout your butt toning in Elgin, let our specialists know if you feel any discomfort so we can adjust our device accordingly. In less than an hour, you’re back on your feet and ready to take on the rest of your day!


After every treatment, we’ll pencil in any necessary follow-ups to fit your schedule. This is also a perfect time to look into any of our other treatments, such as additional body sculpting, laser vein treatments, and more! Dundee Dermatology is proud to be Elgin’s one-stop shop for clinical dermatology and professional aesthetics.


Watch Your Tone

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