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Introducing Exion: What is it?

To keep skin looking youthful, healthy, and fresh, we offer the world’s most advanced options. Dundee Dermatology provides the most advanced solutions to every patient with extensive dermatological research and decades of experience. So without further ado, allow us to introduce Exion in West Dundee!

Exion Can…

…treat a variety of concerns on the face and body. What can our Exion treatments in West Dundee do for you? 

Here are the many ways Exion can improve your skin with one amazing treatment!

Turn Back Time

Wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of skin elasticity (laxity) can all be addressed by Exion. Utilizing highly specialized RF microneedling, this device jumpstarts natural collagen and elastin production. These compounds are key to achieving a firmer and more youthful appearance.

Improve Texture and Tone

We also recommend Exion in West Dundee to improve uneven skin tone and texture. By remodeling skin cells found deep within the dermis, this device removes damaged, deformed cells to promote a more radiant complexion. This can help erase evidence of aging, acne scars, and shrink pores!

Promote Deep Hydration

A key benefit of Exion’s deeply rejuvenating technology is a boost in hyaluronic acid production! Exion works to improve skin hydration and plumpness by jumpstarting your skin’s natural HA production as part of the healing response related to RF microneedling.

Tighten Skin 

Finally, we trust Exion in West Dundee to tighten loose skin throughout the face and body. This includes the arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Each applicator is designed to provide all of these benefits in one quick, minimally invasive treatment!


How Exion Works

Exion uses two key technologies perfected through years of research at BTL. This device combines powerful fractional RF (radio frequency) energy and targeted ultrasound. Using this combination of advanced technologies is what sets us apart from other West Dundee practices.

Fractional RF

The Fractional RF component of Exion delivers controlled radiofrequency waves deep into the epidermis and upper dermis to create micro-injuries that promote healthy remodeling. This controlled damage jumpstarts the production of collagen and elastin, the all-important building blocks of youthful looks.

Targeted Ultrasound

Exion also uses targeted ultrasound to boost the natural production of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance throughout your skin that allows it to retain healthy levels of hydration. Healthy hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen production are all key components to naturally brighter beauty.

AI-Powered Accuracy

To harness the power of these two advanced technologies, Exion uses the power of AI. As the applicator passes over your skin, AI helps an internal processor determine the exact amount of energy to deliver throughout your skin. This ensures the most precise and optimized treatment for maximum results and comfort.

Key Benefits

That’s a lot of info about this extremely complex treatment option. So to keep things clear, let’s review the key benefits of this revolutionary technology! Here’s why our patients love Exion in West Dundee.

  • Minimally Invasive

Unlike injections and surgery, Exion takes a non-invasive approach to deep skin rejuvenation. By using microscopic needles paired with highly specialized energy delivery systems, this RF microneedling option is in a class all its own. 

  • Complete Comfort

To ensure the highest level of comfort throughout every treatment, we apply a lidocaine-infused ultrasound gel to the treatment area. Additionally, the AI-powered delivery system provides more precise needle penetration than traditional microneedling. These two safeguards result in an enjoyable, comfortable treatment experience for everyone!

  • Versatility

With specialized applicators, Exion provides the most flexible and effective treatment options of any RF microneedling device on the market. These highly advanced handpieces allow us to use Exion to treat multiple skin concerns on both the face and body in one fast, easy treatment.

  • Convenience

In addition to the ultra-fast treatment time, many patients can get right back to their day following their treatment! With virtually no downtime required and total treatment times under an hour, our Exion in West Dundee fits perfectly in a long lunch break or daily errands! Comfort, convenience and quality results are all key benefits of Exion. 

However, there are some important things to consider before jumping into this treatment.


Important Considerations

  • Results Will Vary

We trust Exion in West Dundee because of the transformative results it offers. However,  not everyone’s experience will be the same. In your consultation at Dundee Dermatology, we’ll go over your unique conditions and help build a healthy understanding of the potential results you can expect.

  • No One-Hit Wonders Here

The Biggest difference at Dundee Dermatology, is there are no one-and-done treatment options. While other practices focus on providing as many treatments as quickly as possible, we promote ever-improving skin health and beauty for all patients. We carefully tailor all plans including Exion in West Dundee to compound results with every visit. 

  • The Cost of Clinical

One of the most important things to consider with any cosmetic treatment is the total cost required to reach your goals. In your consultation, our specialists can help tailor your treatment plan to keep your wallet and your beauty on the same page. We offer flexible financing options to tailor treatment plans that fit most budgets.

Experience Exion At Dundee Dermatology

Now that you know everything there is to understand about Exion as a treatment, we’d like to share how you can experience this amazing technology at Dundee Dermatology. 

From your first visit to your next follow up, your skin will only grow healthier and happier with every appointment. So here’s how we provide the best Exion treatments in West Dundee!


Every treatment we offer starts with a comprehensive consultation. In this one-on-one chat, you’ll speak with an experienced provider to go over your unique conditions and concerns. This in-depth discussion will cover everything from your lifestyle and budget to your skin’s condition and any immediate concerns our specialists uncover. 


To complete your evaluation, we’ll use advanced skin imaging techniques, and review your health history. With these findings, our dermatologists will determine your personalized treatment regimen. With everyone on the same page, we’ll schedule your initial treatment and give you tips on how to prepare your skin for the best results possible!


On the day of your treatment, you’ll check in with our friendly front desk, fill out any necessary forms, and your specialist will escort you back to our comfortable treatment room. Depending on your prescribed treatment, you may need to lay flat or on your side. As we answer any remaining questions, we’ll apply the lidocaine-infused ultrasound gel and give it enough time to numb the treatment area. When you’re comfortable and ready, we’ll begin your Exion treatment!


For body treatments, we may require you to disrobe, but don’t worry, we ensure total privacy, courtesy, and comfort throughout every treatment. We begin these treatments by attaching the specialized Exion BODY applicator. This applicator uses a spherical head to address every contour and concern accordingly.


You may feel a slight buzzing sensation throughout your treatment area, but you should never feel any pain. Throughout your treatment, feel free to talk to our specialist to share any discomfort. We can always adjust the settings of our device, but we can’t read your mind! Each treatment area typically takes around half an hour to achieve complete results. We can treat multiple areas in one session, but keep that in mind as you plan the rest of your day.


When it comes to facial rejuvenation using Exion in West Dundee, we recommend skipping your daily makeup and skincare routine. We’ll thoroughly cleanse your face prior to your treatment, precisely apply the lidocaine-infused gel, and prepare our machine as you numb to ensure you don’t feel a thing!


The Exion FACE applicator uses a finely shaped head to precisely target intricate areas around your chin, cheeks, and nose. In less than two hours, we’ll treat every targeted area, apply medical grade skincare, and schedule your next appointment! You’ll begin to feel results almost immediately, but we’ll schedule regular follow ups a couple of weeks after your initial treatment to ensure maximum results.   

Potential Add Ons

At Dundee Dermatology, there are no one-off treatments. While our Exion treatments in West Dundee are some of the most complete and effective solutions, there are always ways to make the best better! That’s why we always discuss additional options with our patients throughout their treatment plan. 

Here are two of our most common additions to this amazing treatment.


While improving hyaluronic acid production, why not give your skin double the natural hydration? The HydraFacial is a great way to solve acne while improving the tone and texture of your skin! This non-invasive treatment draws out impurities and turns oxygen into pure H2O throughout your skin. The result is a clear, hydrated complexion in under an hour!


To address any lingering lines, we recommend a shot of relaxation for your skin. Botox is one of our most tried and true solutions for anti aging for a reason. Each injection helps your facial muscles relax to let skin naturally smooth without unnecessary tension.

While Botox injections should not be done at the same time as your Exion treatment in West Dundee, these injections are excellent additions to maintain a smooth, youthful look as you enjoy the benefits of Exion! 


Ready to Experience Exion?

Start doing something about your skin concerns with Dundee Dermatology! We’re proud to provide unforgettable results with the best solutions backed by proven science. To experience the benefits of Exion for yourself, get in touch with our office, or schedule your appointment in just a few clicks!

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