Laser Skin Resurfacing: Goodbye Skin Imperfections

Laser skin resurfacing in Dundee, IL is the new revolutionary way to attain a flawless and younger looking skin.  The modern laser technology used in laser skin resurfacing gives a new level of control to dermatologists or plastic surgeons due to its added advantage in precision more particularly to the delicate areas of our face.  Laser skin resurfacing is popularly known to reduce wrinkles, scars and skin blemishes.

Dundee Dermatology makes sure to keep up to date with the latest trends in cosmetology.  Laser skin resurfacing offered at Dundee Dermatology uses two types of laser systems: Fraxel and Lumenis® Fractional CO2 ablative.  Both of these lasers used in skin resurfacing are aimed to provide men and women newer and younger looking skin.  Currently, Fraxel gets a new kind of an attention in the public due to its use of some very well-known Hollywood celebrities, like Kim Kardashian.  No wonder almost all celebrities now have perfect flawless skin-and anyone can do the same too.

Laser skin resurfacing works through the pulses from the light beams of the laser. They are focused and delivered to the problem areas of the skin and the depth can be adjusted depending upon the patient’s skin type and objectives.  Through this, the damaged skin will be removed layer by layer and at the same time the growth of new collagen is stimulated.  A new skin, which is softer and firmer, will form after the healing of the treated areas.  During the healing period, patients will be advised to wear sunscreen and appropriate makeup to conceal the temporary redness of the skin.  Dr. Paul Getz can help you achieve these breathtaking results with his expert hands in dermatology.

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