Leg Hair Removal in Elgin

Sexier, Smoother, Longer: Leg Hair Removal in Elgin

Have you ever played Never Have I Ever? It’s a great way to get to know each other. So, before Dundee Dermatology shares our favorite solution for leg hair removal in Elgin, let’s play! 

Never have I ever nicked myself while shaving my legs. (It’s ok, nobody’s perfect!)

Never have I ever cried a little as I ripped off a wax strip. (Beauty is pain, am I right?)

Never have I ever thought, “Is this hair removal cream supposed to burn?” (It’s not.)

So how’d you do? If you’ve had any of those horrible experiences with leg hair removal, you’re probably looking for a lasting, painless solution. That’s exactly why hundreds of people trust Dundee Dermatology for the latest hair removal solution! But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s discuss the traditional treatments you may be using. 

What Leg Hair Removal Used to Be

Let’s take a time machine to the turn of the 20th century. Where skirts got shorter, dresses got less conservative, and beauty standards drastically changed!


With more skin on display than ever, women needed a reliable way to stay smooth. This led to the first female-driven revolution in hair removal!


Shaving as we know it today started in 1915, when Gillette introduced the Milady Décolleté safety razor for ladies. Even with all the innovations that have improved the look of women’s razors, they haven’t changed much at all! Women have been nicking their legs for over a century to stay smooth for a couple days before having to go through it all over again.


Waxing revolutionized the way women looked at leg hair removal in Elgin around the 1960s. At-home wax strips remain a popular way to rip out those pesky hairs. But is the pain really worth it? If done improperly, waxing can lead to ingrown hairs and a lot of irritation to your skin. So, while it may last a smidge longer, our experts agree that beauty shouldn’t be painful.


Chemical solutions for hair removal have been used for centuries, but even the most recent innovations stink. While some of the most popular chemical depilatories can remove hair in seconds, they’re still notoriously smelly.


Masking the smell of hair burning from chemicals is very difficult. That’s why hundreds of women are turning to Dundee Dermatology for the most advanced leg hair removal in Elgin!

A New Day for Leg Hair Removal in Elgin

If you’re tired of compromising when it comes to your hair removal, our specialists are ready to help! With our professional laser hair removal, you no longer have to worry about nicks, redness, or nasty smells.

In under an hour, you can experience smoother, sexier legs you’ll love to show off! The time has come to upgrade your hair removal. So, say goodbye to traditional methods, and hello to the future with laser hair removal. 

Laser Hair Removal

In recent decades laser light technology has come a long way. Unlike dated, smelly, painful options of the past, our laser hair removal device is effective fast, and virtually painless! This is all thanks to the latest innovation in medical aesthetics.

Sciton Bare

At Dundee Dermatology, we trust the industry’s first and only device that destroys hair follicles without damaging any surrounding skin! Sciton Bare HR is the latest revolution in laser hair removal that allows our highly skilled specialists to get results in under an hour with absolutely no downtime.

Sound too good to be true? Dive into the science to see for yourself!

The Science of LHR

Laser hair removal, or LHR, uses hair’s natural light-absorbing properties to completely remove hair down to the root. Sciton Bare HR combines the power of 3 light waves to ensure the most effective treatment and the lowest impact on your skin possible. If lasers on your hair sound painful, fear not! Sciton thought of everything by including customizable settings and a constant contact crystal. Here’s how we help patients bare it all!

Let There Be Lasers

The lasers used in our leg hair removal in Elgin utilize the 810, 940, and 1060nm wavelengths. Each of these get absorbed into the melanin of your hair and converted into heat. That heat energy, in turn, destroys the hair follicle with minimal effects to your skin. Because of the unique combination of laser light energy, Sciton Bare HR is more effective on a broad spectrum of hair types.

Constant Comfort

Lasers destroying hair can heat things up; however, the constant contact crystal keeps your skin cool at 5°C. This crystal constantly cools the skin as the lasers pass through it to limit any possible discomfort and redness. After every treatment, our specialists will apply aloe and sunscreen to minimize any possible irritation following your treatment.

Past vs Future

If your head is spinning by now, we don’t blame you! There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about making the leap to professional aesthetics. So, let’s set the record straight about traditional methods and our advanced leg hair removal in Elgin. 

Traditional Methods

These tried-and-true, temporary methods have literally hundreds of years of history behind them.


But should you really trust your skin with the same methods your grandmother used? Times have changed, and these reasons are why patients trust Dundee Dermatology for next-level service.

Painful Mishaps

How many nicks will it take for you to find an alternative to shaving? No matter how careful you are, small cuts and razor burns can ruin the hard work it takes to shave your legs smooth.

Harmful to Skin

Keeping your skin and hair healthy should be at the top of your priority list. So, why would you continue to rip hair out and irritate your skin? Sure, it keeps hair away a little longer than shaving, but aren’t you tired of putting yourself through so much pain?

Regular Maintenance Needed

Even if you can stand a few cuts, rips, and that awful chemical smell, you will still have to go through all of it again in just a few days or weeks. Sure, it may be cheaper than professional aesthetic treatments. But in the end, you get what you pay for!

The Future of Smooth

Our practice is helping hundreds of people in Illinois experience a new level of quality and care. To get all the benefits of your favorite methods without the pain and maintenance, we trust laser hair removal. These are the main reasons why we recommend Sciton Bare HR to keep our patients smoother and sexier for longer:

Virtually No Pain

Laser hair removal focuses energy directly on the hair, not the skin around it. This unique property, along with the constant contact crystal cooling method, makes for a more comfortable experience. Our specialists also check in regularly throughout the treatment to adjust your settings if you experience any discomfort.

Safe for Multiple Areas

Our preferred method for leg hair removal in Elgin isn’t just for your legs! If desired, we can treat multiple areas in one treatment. Our laser can be used on everything from underarms and bikini lines to your chin and upper lip! These related reads share our most popular treatment areas:

Peach Fuzz Solutions

Going Sleeveless


What if we told you that you’d never have to buy another razor or wax strip again? That may be a dream for some, but you can make it a reality with Dundee Dermatology!


In a consultation, we’ll determine your initial number of treatments and follow-ups for best results.

The Dundee Difference

Our treatments are professionally and personally trusted by every specialist at Dundee Dermatology. That’s what sets us apart! By combining the best of both medical dermatology and cosmetic aesthetics, everyone builds their beauty better here.


We believe that your skin is a deeply personal aspect of your health. That’s why we treat it as such. For every medical and cosmetic service we offer, our providers customize comprehensive treatment plans that align with your interests as we get to know you as a person and a patient.

Clinical Proof

Our clinic is recognized by the FDA as a leading authority in dermatology.


With Dr. Paul Getz leading our team of highly trained specialists, we combine over half a century of study to build the right plan for every patient! Not only do we offer transformational treatments, but we also work to advance the industry through clinical research. 

Continuous Research

The only way we make medical aesthetics better is by never getting complacent. That’s why our practice is proud to partner in national dermatology trials. 

If you’re interested in helping create the latest advancements in medication or treatment, consider becoming a participant. Not only are you getting access to the latest medical aesthetic options, but you’re also helping us improve the future! Learn about our current trials and submit your information in just a few clicks.

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