Upper Lip Hair Removal in Elgin

Our Peach Fuzz Solution: Upper Lip Hair Removal in Elgin

We think you’re a peach! But that doesn’t mean your upper lip has to feel like one. If you’re feeling some fuzz under your nose, Dundee Dermatology is here to help! Say farewell to that fuzz for good with our upper lip hair removal in Elgin!

Step 1: We Mustache You Some Questions

To find the right solution for you, we’ll cover some common questions. In a one-on-one consultation, we’ll discuss all of your concerns and get to know each other! As we discuss everything from your budget to your preferences, we’ll share your ideal solution for hair removal. Here are some questions to think about before our chat:

  • Who in your family has upper lip hair too?
  • Is your upper lip a sensitive area?
  • What removal solutions have you tried?

Our specialists strive to get to the root of your concerns when it comes to excess hair, which is why we ask these questions and more. Upper lip hair can be caused by many reasons, so we’ll dive into everything from your medical history to heredity to determine the best solution for you.

Step 2: Cue the Montage Music

Typically, treatments start the same day as your consultation, after all, they’re only 15 minutes! When you’re informed and on board, we’ll prep our laser hair removal device. 


Because the upper lip is a sensitive area for most people, we’ll apply a topical anesthetic before we begin. We also cleanse your upper lip thoroughly to ensure the best results possible.

woman speaking with dr. getz at dundee dermatology about hair removal for the upper lip

We’ll also place dental rolls in your upper lip area to help ensure total comfort throughout your upper lip hair removal in Elgin.

Bare It All

With our Sciton Bare laser hair removal device, we completely erase upper lip hair. We trust Bare HR because it’s one of the fastest and most comfortable options on the planet.

This method allows us to destroy every hair follicle without affecting any of the surrounding skin. By combining 3 powerful wavelengths, this laser ensures complete and thorough removal. Since lasers can heat things, Bare cools things down with a constant contact crystal at 5°C.

Finally, we’ll apply aloe vera and sunscreen to soothe and protect your skin, and you can get back to your day. In less time than it takes to shop for groceries, your mustache makeover is complete! 

Step 3: Give Us Your Best Pout

Our upper lip hair removal in Elgin is one of the most effective ways to say goodbye to that mustache for good. While it lasts longer than traditional methods, touch-ups may still be needed to keep that upper lip smooth. We recommend regular check-ins every few months to promote true, lasting results.

More Smooth Moves

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Meet Your Makeover

When you’re ready to get your mustache makeover started, our experts at Dundee Dermatology are here for you. Contact us to schedule your in-person consultation, or use our procedure match tool to explore your options from home!

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