LightSeer Duet Laser Hair Removal in Elgin

Want great looking legs or a hair free underarms? Dundee Dermatology can help you get rid of your unwanted hair. Done with the use of a clinically proven laser technology, hair removal in Elgin and the surrounding areas of Dundee is now available! You can trust Dr. Paul Getz as your dermatologist in Illinois given his 3 decades of dermatology experience.

Women, in particular will shave their legs, bikini line and underarms only to temporarily remove those unappealing hairs. But, now you can abandon the tedious task of shaving with laser hair removal and the use of a LightSeer Duet Laser at Dundee Dermatology.

What makes LightSeer Duet Laser different from the rest of the laser hair removal treatment are as follows:

  • Faster
  • Comfortable
  • Pain free
  • Safe

The lasers used in the past for hair removal only worked on light-skinned individuals. Now, laser hair removal will work for patients of different skin types. LightSeer Duet Laser of Dundee Dermatology has been cleared by the FDA for hair removal or permanent hair reduction. This laser system is good news for men as a great way to remove their unwanted hair on their chest, sideburns, chin and moustache. Women can now liberate their legs with shorter hemmed dresses and be more confident with a hair free underarms.

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