Skin Care Products: What We Offer

Skin care products are extremely important in caring for your skin as it ages. If you want younger and healthier-looking skin, you will need to be sure that you’re placing the right products on your skin to be washed into it. Studies have shown that Green tea polyphenols are really great products to give your skin, since they have been proven to have anti-inflammatory and other anti-aging properties about them. We have a variety of cleansers and other skincare products available that will not only give your skin the benefit of green tea, but also benefits of glycolic acid and retinol, which is another great skincare product for anti-aging.


Mybody skincare is a new product that is offered here in our office. This product has properties inside of its ingredients that has been shown to help your body begin to stimulate the repair process on your own skin. This helps your skin begin to give itself more youthful-looking skin, without any surgical treatments. The ingredients in mybody will begin to create a product that will mimic how your body deals with repairs, how it defends itself, and how it heals itself as soon as you begin using the product on a regular basis.

You skin will thoroughly enjoy this healthy dose of vitamins and antioxidants. It will also appreciate that mybody left out other irritating forms of retinoids, ones that would actually hurt the skin rather than help it. The mybody skin care products help to give your skin a more youthful appearance and reverse the signs of any outward damage.


If you have any scars on your face from either an accident or acne, then bioCorneum®+ may be a perfect option in combating the look of the scar itself. bioCorneum®+ is the only FDA-approved silicone scar treatment with SPF that is topical. This is a patented silicone treatment that is able to dry itself and have silicone barrier over area that is affected. The silicone barrier will allow the scar to breathe and still allow you to participate in your everyday activities, such as wearing makeup or taking a shower.

The silicone barrier is so protective that you will be able to still wearing your makeup on top of the scar to hide the it from potentially experiencing more damage. If your dermatologist recommends bioCorneum®+, you will be instructed to put it on twice a day. Using the product twice a day will help the scar become flusher with the skin. The new appearance of the scar will be smooth and softened, with a reduction in the coloration of the scar itself as well.

These are just some of the skin care products we offer. Contact us today Dundee Dermatology to receive your personalized treatment plan, or to learn about the other skin care products available. We are conveniently located in West Dundee, IL.