We’ve launched our new website!

At the forefront of both medical and cosmetic dermatology, Dundee Dermatology leads the way in all things skin care in Elgin. Our dedicated team of specialists is here to help address your skin concerns and meet your needs as you journey toward better health and greater confidence.

Dundee Dermatology offers a wide variety of treatments and is proud of the exceptional client care we provide for the Chicago Northwest community. Your largest organ is our highest priority.  We’ve got you covered. 

What’s New with the New Site?

Whether you’re a new visitor or you’ve visited us before, we hope you’ll enjoy the sleek new website we built with the help of the award-winning website agency, Lifted Logic.

The rigorous web design process has allowed us to think through every word, every image, and every color of our website to ensure our clients have the best possible web experience!

Our new site means that first-rate skin health support is more accessible than ever. From one convenient place, you can: 

We had a fantastic time getting photos and videos of our business and our clients for the new site. Inviting real clients to join in our photoshoot gave us the opportunity to showcase our client care and share our joy with the Elgin community.

“Working with the Dundee Dermatology team has been a real treat. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and their commitment to getting results for their clients is in a class of its own. You’re in good hands, Elgin!”

— Becca Graham, Project Manager at Lifted Logic

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