What Are the Benefits of Skin Resurfacing?

With time, many people feel increasingly self-conscious about their skin. They want safe, effective treatments that don’t require anesthesia, cutting, or significant downtime. Fortunately, at Dundee Dermatology in West Dundee, IL, we have a solution for you. Whether you’re concerned about wrinkles, scars, or discoloration, laser skin resurfacing can transform your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

What Are the Benefits of Skin Resurfacing?

We’ll start by saying treatment is quick. Depending on the exact plan crafted for you, your session will likely last just 30 to 45 minutes. This means it won’t interrupt your schedule – even if you’re a busy parent, employee, or both.

Likewise, we’ll provide you with easy-to-follow post-treatment instructions that promote favorable healing. To illustrate, you’ll need to stay out of the sun and, after your skin is healed, wear sunscreen each day. For all its effectiveness, resurfacing is a surprisingly easy and convenient process.

Your Skin Will Look Beautiful

We understand you undergo resurfacing to correct common concerns and brighten your complexion. Unlike creams and ointments that fall short of their promises, this treatment will work. Numerous studies show laser treatments can rejuvenate your entire appearance. They work by penetrating below the skin’s surface and targeting deeper layers, where real healing occurs.

Instead of covering or temporarily filling unwanted blemishes and wrinkles, resurfacing eliminates them. The laser’s energy removes skin’s outer layer and, likewise, also removes damaged cells. This allows completely new – and completely healthy – cells underneath to rise to the surface. These new cells restructure your skin with results that develop both immediately and over time. Concerns that can be treated with resurfacing include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brown spots, redness, and discoloration
  • Acne, traumatic, and surgical scars
  • Prominent blood vessels
  • Enlarged pores


Your Skin Will Also Be Healthier

Those new healthy cells we mentioned a moment ago have not been subjected to damaging environmental toxins, sunlight, or acne. They will give you a clearer, more balanced, and more youthful appearance because they are, indeed, more youthful. But resurfacing does more than eliminate old cells to make room for new.

Heat emitted by the treatment laser also prompts your body to enter a stage of healing. Part of that healing process involves revived collagen production. This protein gives strength and structure to your skin and, when produced in adequate amounts, keeps skin looking smooth, soft, and taut. But as you likely know, collagen levels wane with age and pave the path for lines and wrinkles to develop.

A Helpful Boost

By jumpstarting collagen production, your skin will grow firmer, tighter, and thicker. These qualities lend themselves to healthier tissues that will also restore a youthful radiance to your face. In short, you’ll no longer need to mask imperfections with an endless range of products. And the new collagen growth jumpstarted by laser resurfacing will continue long after your treatment is completed.

Results Are Long-Lasting

For many, this is the most profound benefit of all. Your healthier and more vibrant appearance is not a fleeting effect. Instead, resurfacing provides lasting results that can continue for many years. You’ll essentially have a new layer of skin without the scars and blemishes of your former canvas – and those concerns will not return if you pay the proper attention to your skin’s needs.

What does this mean? That your results are largely in your hands. It’s therefore vital you establish a topical maintenance routine at home that includes regular use of vitamin C serum, retinoids, and moisturizer. Sunscreen is another must, as mentioned earlier. We can help you choose a regimen that matches your unique needs.

Take Care of Your Skin

Also avoid behavior patterns that will re-create your skin problems. For instance, if you routinely touch and pick your face, this habit must stop now. Otherwise, you’ll continue to experience breakouts that can lead to scarring and discoloration.

Helpful Treatment Details

You might be wondering if you’re a good candidate for resurfacing. Here are some general criteria that we look for during consultation appointments:

  • Not pregnant
  • Not recently tanned or sunburned
  • No active skin infections
  • No history of light sensitivity

Keep in mind skin resurfacing is not limited to patients with facial lines. It’s equally effective on scars, discoloration, and enlarged pores. Treatment is also safe for those who have tried but failed to see success with other treatments. Last but not least, people of color can safely choose skin resurfacing. We’ll inspect your skin to ensure we choose the right laser frequency and tend to your needs.

Know What To Expect

It’s important you go into treatment with reasonable expectations. For instance, if you have active acne, another therapy might be better for you. Lasers can effectively resurface acne scars but aren’t as helpful for eradicating breakouts.

Also know that lasers can produce gorgeous results, but you must be patient. Multiple treatments may be necessary to deliver optimal effects. And your skin cells will continue to turnover as you age, so you may need maintenance sessions in the future. We’ll discuss this further during your consultation, after we’ve assessed your skin’s health.

A Treatment with Lasting Benefits

Resurfacing is a tried and true treatment that can whisk away lines, wrinkles, spots, discoloration, and scars. And with some routine skincare steps at home, you can enjoy lasting results. Schedule your consultation today by contacting Dundee Dermatology in West Dundee, IL – also servicing the areas of Elgin, South Elgin, West Dundee, Carpentersville, Algonquin, Lake in the Hills, Huntley, St Charles, and Geneva.