What Is the Best Treatment for Leg Veins?

Varicose veins and spider veins on the legs can make anyone feel self-conscious. Fortunately, there are many vein treatments you can use to correct the appearance of leg veins. Before you schedule your appointment at Dundee Dermatology in Elgin, IL, learn more about your treatment options.

What Is the Best Treatment for Leg Veins?

When it comes to reducing the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins on the lower body, the two main treatment options are sclerotherapy and laser vein therapy, such as with IPL lasers. However, each of these treatments has certain advantages and disadvantages.


Laser treatments are generally ideal for treating small varicose veins or spider veins. This is because reducing the appearance of these veins on the legs will require breaking up mostly superficial vein tissue. Lasers cannot generally be used for larger varicose veins because the vein walls are too large for the laser treatments to be effective, even if the varicose vein seems very close to the surface of the skin.


Sclerotherapy has been the preferred treatment to reduce the appearance of veins on the legs for several decades. Sclerotherapy works by using a saline-based solution to irritate the walls of the vein, which causes the vein to collapse. Over time, the collapsed vein is absorbed into the body and the appearance of varicose veins and spider veins disappears.

Which Is the Best Treatment for You?

Selecting the best treatment for you will depend on your goals, the location of your vein concerns, and the specific veins on the legs you want to correct. For example, if you only have small spider veins, laser treatments may be a better option. On the other hand, if you have several large varicose veins, sclerotherapy is generally the best option for you.

What Can You Expect From Vein Treatment?

Whether you’re using sclerotherapy or laser treatments to reduce the appearance of veins on your legs, you can usually expect your treatment appointment to take 30 to 60 minutes to complete. During your treatment, trained aesthetic experts will use the laser device or a sterile needle to directly treat the swollen veins on your legs. Many times, patients can choose to use any topical numbing cream to keep their skin comfortable for the duration of the treatment.

What Should You Do Before Treatment?

Before both laser treatment and sclerotherapy, you will need to stop the use of blood-thinning medications, including aspirin and certain herbal supplements. You should avoid shaving your legs 24 to 48 hours before your appointment and you should wear loose clothing on the lower half of your body. You should also avoid applying lotion to your legs on the same day as your treatment.

What Should You Do After Treatment?

After your treatment, the most important thing you should do is avoid hot water, heat, or strenuous activity that may cause your legs to swell. For both sclerotherapy and laser vein treatment, avoiding heat on your legs will ensure your results develop as desired. For best results, you should also avoid taking anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning medications.

Usually, you will be encouraged to wear compression stockings for several days or weeks after your treatment to encourage faster healing. Sometimes, you may benefit by slightly elevating your legs after your treatment for the best results.

How Soon Will You See Results?

Usually, you’ll see the results of your treatment within seven to 10 days for both laser treatment and sclerotherapy. Your results will develop faster if you stick to your aftercare instructions closely.

How Long Will Results Last?

The results of these treatments will be permanent. This is because varicose veins and spider veins that are treated with laser therapy or sclerotherapy will not be able to return since the vein wall collapses and is absorbed into the body.

That said, varicose veins and spider veins can recur if lifestyle practices or genetics cause new varicose veins to develop in the future. The best way to maintain your results include:

Manage Healthy Weight

Although hormones are generally the primary cause of developing spider veins and varicose veins, being overweight can also be a contributing factor. This is why it’s recommended that you stay within a healthy weight for your BMI range after your treatment since this can potentially prevent these veins from developing.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is also key. By exercising regularly, you can support a healthy cardiovascular system and potentially prevent varicose veins and spider veins in the future.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Good candidates for these treatments typically include women who are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding, those who do not have a history of hyperpigmentation scarring, and those who are not allergic to the active ingredients found in the sclerotherapy solution. A consultation will assess your eligibility for each of these treatments.

Get Smooth, Blemish-Free Legs

Although spider veins and varicose veins make you feel self-conscious, there are aesthetic treatments you can use to reduce the appearance of these veins. Contact Dundee Dermatology in Elgin, IL, if you’re in the South Elgin, Lake in the Hills, Carpentersville, Geneva, Huntley, Algonquin, St. Charles, and West Dundee areas, to schedule your consultation appointment today.