Underarm Hair Removal in Elgin

Going Sleeveless With Underarm Hair Removal in Elgin

For over a century, millions of men and women all over the world have gone to great lengths to go sleeveless with confidence. Now, Dundee Dermatology is revolutionizing underarm hair removal in Elgin with the most permanent and comfortable solution on the market! 

Shaving and waxing are historically the most popular solutions to unsightly hairs. So, before we dive into our favorite solution, let’s see why traditional treatments come up short! 

Hair Removal History

The rise of going sleeveless started in the early 20th century. This meant that underarms became more visible, and led to a paradigm shift in beauty standards around the world. As a collective cultural shift moved towards a more “modern” definition of femininity, industries took notice as well! 


Manufacturers of razors, like Gillette, launched campaigns promoting the removal of underarm hair as essential for hygiene and femininity. They introduced the first razors specifically marketed to women, like the Milady Décolleté in 1915. Now, over 100 years later, women still choose shaving as their go-to underarm hair removal in Elgin and around the world.

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There have been so many advancements since 1915. So, why are you still shaving your underarms? If you’re like many women, you have to shave at least once a week. That means dozens of razors a year, and hundreds of dollars ending up in the trash!


Of course, you can always choose to wax! In the 1940s, the introduction of pre-made wax strips made waxing more convenient for underarm hair removal at home. Through the 60s, fashion trends showed more skin than ever before, which prompted women to seek more permanent solutions. However, regular waxing can irritate the skin, making this already painful treatment unbareable!

Over the last century, aesthetic science has come a long way. While painful waxing and wasteful shaving may seem like the best options, it’s time your beauty entered this century!

Laser Hair Removal

Imagine the day where you never have to worry about cutting yourself shaving or drying those tears that well up after a waxing session. At Dundee Dermatology, we help people ditch the razor and the wax with the most advanced underarm hair removal in Elgin. Our laser hair removal is changing the way people are going sleeveless for good! 

The Science of Smooth

For every laser hair removal at Dundee Dermatology, we trust Sciton Bare HR. This is the world’s first and only device that destroys hair follicles without affecting any skin surrounding them! By using powerful, proven wavelengths alongside exclusive Blend technology, this quick and painless treatment makes going sleeveless possible.

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The handpieces used in our underarm hair removal in Elgin emit 3 key wavelengths of 810, 940, and 1060nm. These wavelengths target hair at various stages of growth, taking just under an hour to complete! Results are possible in just 1 to 3 initial treatments over a few weeks, and follow-ups once every 3 to 4 months.

In addition to your underarms, Sciton Bare HR can treat your legs, upper lip, and more! 

Hands Up!

Ready to keep those hands in the air with confidence everywhere? Go sleeveless for good with Dundee Dermatology! Schedule your in-person consultation to learn more about your options. Or use our procedure match tool to get matched with all the right treatments for you!

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